Today we are sharing these awesome but cheap destinations in Asia, including how to save money in Asia, how to do Asia on a budget and ways for traveling Asia on a budget.

Asia is an incredible continent with such diverse cultures, histories and experiences. But where can you visit on a budget?

The Philippines

The first cheap destination you need to visit in Asia is the Philippines. The country is known for its budget travel options as well as glorious beaches, hidden lagoons, diverse cities and beautiful nature.

Head to the Philippines from November to April for the perfect weather and don’t forget to spend some time visiting the remote islands during your visit.

Expect to spend around $45 in the Philippines if you stick to hostels, local food and group tours.


Looking for Incredible rice terraces, intricate temples, stunning beaches with clear blue waters? Indonesia is the place for you.

There are lots of exciting experiences to be had in Indonesia, which may cost a little more but are completely worth it. Go on a safari ride, snorkel or scuba dive to see the true beauty of Indonesia.

If you stick to local transportation and food, you can expect to pay around $35 a day.


There is so much to love about Thailand, with the cheap prices being just one thing that attracted us here. Get lost in the bustling city of Bangkok, relax on one of the many beaches around the south of the country or explore the rainforests in the North.

Thailand offers something for everyone, with historic temples, famous and cheap street food, luxurious hotels, backpacking havens, beach parties and everything in-between.

Staying in hostels or cheap guesthouses, using public transport and taking advantage of happy hours, you can expect pay around $50 a day.


Nepal is our next cheap destination in Asia and for good reason. It is perhaps one of the cheapest countries to visit but still offers so much beauty. Apart from being home to the tallest mountain in world, there are also lush green or snow-clad mountains across the country.

Trekking not your thing? Learn about the Hindu and Buddhist religions at the pilgrimage sites, temples and monasteries or enjoy the delicious local food.

If you don’t intend on taking private tours, you can spend as little as $25 a day in Nepal.


Our next cheap destination in Asia is Cambodia. It’s central position makes it the perfect place to travel overland to, with from Thailand or Vietnam.

Visit Siem Reap to see the impressive Angkor temples or head out to the luscious rice fields. Learn about the countries dark past in the capital Phnom Penh or relax on the white sands of Koh Rong Islands.

With rooms as cheap as $3 night, you can easily travel the country on $30 a day.


Laos is often an overlooked destination, making it a unique and authentic country to visit in South East Asia.

Whilst in the country, visit the markets and temples but also take advantage of the affordable outdoor experiences available, such as kayaking, hiking or zip lining.

Budget travellers can visit the country on $35 a day.


Another South East Asia destination to visit is Vietnam. Home to stunning world heritage sites such as Halong Bay, as well as historic sites, temples and plenty of hidden gems, there is a lot to explore in Vietnam.

Save money in Vietnam by renting a bike, use the long-distance overnight buses and stick to local food. This way, you can expect to spend $25 a day.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a popular destination with backpackers because of its low cost of living. With over 8 Unesco World Heritage sites, along with picture-perfect landscapes, beaches and amazing wildlife, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer.

Food is cheap, with a meal costing as little as $2 whilst accommodation starts at $8. Backpackers and budget travellers can expect to pay as little as $30 in Sri Lanka.

So those are our favourite cheap destinations in Asia, where will you head to next? Let us know in the comments below.

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