How to Travel SOLO – 20 Solo Travel Hacks For That First Step

Going on a solo travel trip? Here are 20 Solo Travel Hacks.

I love solo travelling because that is ULTIMATE FREEDOM to me. It helps me grow as a person. I hope you gather enough courage someday to take that first step, keeping safety in mind of course!

0:00 Intro
1:15 Back Story
3:20 Difficulty
3:44 Loneliness
4:21 Media
5:50 Research
6:17 Go Local
7:00 Bags and Cameras
7:52 Reviews
8:03 Hostels
8:44 Transportation
9:22 Backup
9:43 Money
10:04 Offline Maps
10:33 Walk Local
11:23 Confidence
11:39 Inform Someone
12:12 Avoid Nightlife
12:32 Learn to Say No
12:53 Packing
13:49 Mix It Up
14:16 Trust Your Gut
14:36 Go For It!

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