Mt Macedon Autumn|墨尔本马其顿山的秋天|Top Tourist Destinations of Melbourne

墨尔本西北的马其顿山(Mount Macedon)金色的秋天已来临,又到了美丽的赏枫时节。从Easter开始直到 5月初是赏枫的最佳时间.
Tree-clad Mount Macedon can be seen from every corner of the region, even Melbourne. Up close it is even more impressive; a place home to gardens and wild bush, of natural attractions and adventure.

See glimpses of magnificent mansions and the exotic European plantings that change with every season as well as getting up close and personal with native wildlife and birds that inhabit the tall mountain ash forest.

The natural wonderland of Mount Macedon is a place to escape and enjoy contemplation. Hike the wonderful walking trails over the mountain or have a peaceful lunch at Sanatorium Lake or one of the many picnic spots that can be found in the area.
An emotive experience can be found on the summit of Mount Macedon at the Memorial Cross, which commemorates Australia’s war fallen and has views that take in the entire southern plain towards Port Phillip Bay.
The true wonder of Mount Macedon for many visitors is the garden estates. Some of these are open to the public on occasion, while others are open year round, taking you back to a time when Mount Macedon was the playground for the rich and famous.