Top 10 Travel Destinations in California!

Top 10 NO COST Travel Destinations in CALIFORNIA!


Welcome to California!

Soft seas of lavender with emerald hills of plush berber carpeted green and valleys of perennials as far as neverending closest to the heavens by a sun that sets to onyx pearled moonlit nights-theres so much to explore with a vacation that never ends.

Follow me twice a week ( on various days) as we visit the exhilarating destinations of the sunny side of the Pacific. Learn the diverse and rare history of California as well as some of the brilliant future outlook and development of what’s next for California including rare locales and hidden paradises long awaiting the luxury of exposition for those daring to escape to the thrills of pleasure and serenity.

If your new to California, come along, I hope you find some joy and comfort in my videos and enjoy the views.

If your old to California, rediscover your love of the great state, let’s freshen up from Cresent to Ysidro and glow in the newness of each best weathered day of golden sunshine!

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